Remarkable People Need Only Apply

IStock_000009261375XSmall What's the first thing you notice when you walk into a business? It doesn't matter if it is a retail shop or a Fortune 500 company. You'll notice and remember how you were greeted. Those first few seconds of interaction with the person in front of you set the tone for your relationship with the company from that moment forward.

It seems to me that whoever you designate as the first point-of-contact they need to be a remarkable person, full of warmth, compassion and extraordinary people skills.

Why then do so many companies put people in this position and pay them minimally. In many industries the receptionist (or whatever term you want to use) is often considered the lowest entry-level position. So even if someone is remarkable they want to move "up" as soon as possible because they recognize their position isn't valued by management.

Many companies do recognize the value of the person who is the first point-of-contact and they pay them well and let them know they are a vital member of the organization. I bet you can think of a store or business where you are always warmly greeted and made to feel welcome. I know the ones that come to my mind are the ones that get my business over and over again.

Hire the best people you can find for these types of positions and pay them well. It is an investment that will pay wonderful dividends for years.

And, by the way, the same rules hold true for whoever is answering your phone. Only they need to be even more remarkable because they don't have the benefit of body language to communicate.

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