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A Podcast Interview with Shupei Chiao

I had the pleasure of interviewing Shupei Chiao, Managing Partner of Drexel Heritage Home Furnishings and Thomasville Home Furnishings in the Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA markets. He also manages a real estate development arm of the private business.

Shupei grew up in Pittsburgh where his family still runs three Thomasville Furniture stores. Starting there working doing every job in the company, Shupei eventually relocated to AZ and CA where he has built one of the most successful retail furniture businesses of its type.

We talk about some of the keys to his success as well as what changes he has seen in the market place these past few years. Shupei also shares some of his ideas for future growth that can be applied to your business too.

Find out more about his stores at and

Listen to the podcast on the player below.

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