Retail Robots

I don’t have to read the logo on their shirts to know that the guys dressed all in brown are UPS delivery guys. When they say, “We’re starting a new service over the holidays that can save you money on shipping, would you like to hear about it?” they don’t sweat my answer. I’ll say “Yes,” or “No” and they nod and go back to doing what they do the other 99% of their day—delivering or picking up packages. They aren’t really salespeople, although they occasionally sell a service by default—I need some thing, they provide a solution. The same is true with waitresses and waiters, the guy at the Post Office, the kid at the drive-through window, or even the customer service rep who answers the phone to take my order when I can’t get through online. These are some of the professions or jobs where everyone doing sales is just doing a job. We know they’re selling, what they’re selling and we go through the motions of buying from them because they’re selling what we need. Think of retail stores and your local mechanic. They sell. We buy.

But have you ever had one of those retail robot type salespeople step out of character and treat you like a real person? They may laugh, tell a joke, give you a genuine smile and express real interest in you. They may comment on your car, pet your dog, and remember your name. They interact with you and enjoy it. They’re animated. They participate in the sale. They stand out. They truly care. Maybe they’re wearing their name on their shirt and making minimum wage, but they’re loving what they do and it shows. You remember them, or even ask their name so you can buy from them the next time you’re in the store. Here’s a tip: They’re not going to be asking if you “want fries with that?” forever. If you’re a sales manager, get their name. Engage. Watch them. Better yet—hire them. They’re the people who go on to make great salespeople.

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” ~ Judy Garland

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