Reunited With The One Eyed Blues Man

New Orleans – 2005
I was there for a conference and Joann and I spent several days wandering the streets and taking photographs. One of my favorites is of the street musician pictured here. I didn’t know his name. He never stopped playing the entire time I photographed him.

Hurricane Katrina – August 2005
I wondered if the man I now called The One Eyed Blues Man made it out.

I have a very large print of him hanging in my home and I had planned on going back to New Orleans to give him a copy. I had no idea how I’d find him. Or, even if I’d find him after Katrina.

Then an amazing thing happened today!

Mark Ayers sent me a video called Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around the World. It’s a great video and I recommend you take time to enjoy it. Turn up the speakers and dance! I did the second time I watched and listened to it.

But, the first time I watched I was floored about a minute and ten seconds into it. There he was – my Blues Man. And, I now know his name. He’s called Grandpa Elliot. He’s famous – an icon in New Orleans! He even has his own Wikipedia page and here is a great blog post about him.

The universe is amazing. Take a look and listen!

6 thoughts on “Reunited With The One Eyed Blues Man”

  1. Hi Andrew – Thanks for noticing! I hope so too. By now he must have an agent. I was hoping someone would send his address to me after seeing this post as I’d mail it to him since I’m not planning on a New Orleans trip in the near future.

  2. A man playing a harmonia and calling himself the one eyed blues man was just on my Marta train here in Atlanta, GA.

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