Revolution Not Evolution!

For the last couple of years I would tell my clients that marketing is evolving very quickly and becoming a new type of marketing. I no longer believe that.

Today, I tell them that there is a marketing revolution – not evolution. There is a revolution in media content, personalization, community-based collaboration and quantity. Ideas are created, personalized, and published through more and more channels every day. They are read, viewed, listened to and then recycled at an ever accelerating pace.

Are you constantly adding to the richness of your web site content? Do you have a blog? Do you communicate with your clients where they hang out? Do you give back to the online community? How many social networking sites do you visit? How many do you join? How many blogs do you read a day? Are they the same ones that your clients read? Do you know what they read?

What are you doing to serve your customers and prospects using this New Marketing? What does New Marketing mean to your life and to your company? You need to know!

Start by listening to this interview with Seth Godin and Phil Gerbyshak, The Make It Great Guy.You can even print a transcript of the interview if you don’t have time to listen now.

1 thought on “Revolution Not Evolution!”

  1. Bob – You are DEAD ON! It’s a REVOLUTION and you’re part of it!
    Thanks for sharing the interview. Seth is brilliant, and I highly encourage folks to print out the transcript, listen to what Seth says, and then do what needs to be done to be a sundae shop and not a meatball machine!

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