Reward Loyalty

The doughnut shop down the street rewards loyalty. Buy a dozen boxes of a dozen doughnuts and get your thirteenth box free. Buy six cups of coffee; get your seventh cup free. Free is good for attracting new clients, but free because you’re a loyal client is better.

Get in the habit of rewarding your most loyal customers. Thank them for staying with you. Make sure they get moved to the front of the line when possible. Go out of your way to make sure they get what they need when they need it. We all reward friends and family with greater access, more effort and extra perks as a way to build and strengthen our relationship with them. Why not do the same with loyal and long-term customers and clients? Don’t say, “Loyalty isn’t in the budget.” Think in terms of referrals, sending along a card with just a note or newspaper clipping referencing them or their business.

I know of one salesman who heard a client talk of his wife’s hobby of collecting hand made Christmas ornaments. He made a habit of sending his client a hand-made ornament to pass along each year. He was surprised years later when the client said, “I never switched companies because I never wanted to have to explain to my wife I wasn’t the one buying those ornaments every year!”

Be genuine. Be grateful and express your gratitude at your customer’s loyalty. In an economy where everyone is worried about price, loyalty is worth its weight in gold.


“Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life.”
~Napoleon Hill

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