A basic management principle is what gets rewarded gets done. Let's say you are trying to understand why a particular employee continues to behave in a manner that is not in accordance with your company's standards. For example, let's say a salesperson never turns in their reports on time – or not at all. But, they are also one of your best salespeople.

Odds are that you are turning a blind eye to their behavior because you don't want to lose or "upset" a key salesperson. And, the salesperson is behaving in this manner because the "reward" for not doing the report is greater than any reward (or pain) you as the manager are offering for the action you want. If you want to know why someone does something – look for the reward.

The same principle also applies to marketing. If you want to encourage certain behaviors from your clients and customers – reward the behavior you want. For example, if you want people to buy not just one of your software programs or book titles, offer them a "tool kit" that contains all the products at a discount. Or, better yet, comes with an hour of free consulting.

If you want to raise more money for your charity, you'll need to reward people and make them a bigger part of your story than you ever have before. They will have to see, hear, and feel more "value" for their donation and support in these times.

What you need to know is the reward has to be greater than the pain. Or, as I like to say, the value must outweigh the investment. When economic times are difficult, it takes a different type or level of reward to outweigh the pain people are feeling.

It's up to you to test your rewards. See what people respond too. People always want to know they are getting a good deal and that they have made the right decision. Today, they want to know they got a great deal and they could not have made a better decision.

Test your rewards. Use your creativity. We've been given a perfect opportunity to build extremely strong and lasting business relationships because of the economic conditions. Choose your rewards wisely.

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