It seems like a lot of people are unhappy with their jobs these days. Some people will say they're happy just to have a job. When I hear them say that, I have my doubts. One evening last week I got to talk with a small group from the financial industry who wonder day-to-day if they'll be the next one to be let go. The next person to experience the wonderful euphemism US corporations call Reduction In Force or Rif'ed when used as a verb.

Getting Rif'ed. It doesn't sound pleasant does it?

But, I thought this might be just what some of them need. I asked some of them what they would do if they got Rif'ed and they gave me typical answers like networking and consulting. Then I asked them what they really wanted to do. What would they do if they could do anything. I got much different answers.

One wants to start his own money management company. He's been doing it for years for his employer so what's to stop him now. He has clients and no non-compete. Another would love to teach. After 25 years in banking he wants to teach. There's nothing stopping him. I said, "Then go teach." He broke into a wonderful smile. I think he's going to do it. I hope so.

Some of these people may have to make sacrifices to follow their real dream. That's how it works. I wish I could tell them differently but the fact is it will probably be more difficult than they now imagine. But, if they can actually make it happen it will be worth every sacrifice and all the times they doubt themselves.

The only thing that will hurt them worse will be knowing they could have gone for it – and didn't try.

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