Risk Is Its Own Reward

Life is risky. The greater the risk, the greater the payoff, or the greater the loss. Since most of us hate loss, we tend toward “safer risks.” It’s less risky to introduce yourself to someone you’ve met at an industry conference or function than to come up with a great solution and call a CEO of a Fortune 500 company in hopes of pitching him the idea—yet it happens all the time. As I tell people far too often, “What have you got to lose? It doesn’t work out, you’re not that much worse off right?”

If you’ve read my book, “Listen First, Sell Later,” you know I took a huge risk (Well, it seemed huge at the time) and it paid off handsomely—kick starting a new career in marketing as well letting me do what I loved—photography. There are times to “play it safe” and times to uncork all the stops and go for it. You’re the only one who can decide what the timing for each is, but I encourage you to take risks whenever you can so you (1) learn how to judge when and what to risk and (2) so you experience the thrill of risking big and winning big, (3) so you see that even when you risk big and lose big you really do recover. You don’t have to fail to learn. I’ve learned a lot of things by not failing! There’s a lot to be said for learning through success. As a matter of fact, just as there are things you can only learn by failing, there are also things you can only learn through risking and succeeding.

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all.” ~ J.K. Rowling

A explanation about the photo.
In looking for a photo to go with this post, I came upon this one of me taken shortly after soloing in this actual plane back in the 70’s. (Yes, that is how we dressed and the hair style I chose back then.) The photo reminded me that J.K. Rowling is absolutely correct in her point about the futility of living cautiously. Don’t let living a life without risk keep you from spreading your own wings and soaring. You’ll miss seeing things you can’t see from a place without risk.

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