Ritalin vs Following Your Own Path?

How are you doing at finding and following your life's passion? Your purpose for existence? Your art as Seth Godin describes in his new book, "Linchpin – Are You Indispensable?"

It's the difference between just getting by in life or living a life rich in happiness and fulfillment. It's the difference between being creative or being told what to do. It's the difference between being able to encourage others to find their own purpose or complaining about everyone and everything else.

I want you to find it because when you are following your own path and not one that someone else put you on or one you think you need to follow, we all win. The world is better. 

Maybe you're like me and when you were in school in those first few years you learned not to follow your path anymore. I loved grades 1-3. Not so much after that. I heard a story a couple of years ago that I had forgotten. It seems like in those first years of school I was always completing all my work and then I wanted to help others. School was fun for me. But, it wasn't how the game was supposed to be played. I was always in trouble for not following the rules. And, I asked too many questions. The nuns finally resorted to sending me on errands to buy things at a local 5 & 10 to give me something to do. Today I would have be given Ritalin.

I forgot all that. But, I do remember by the time 4th grade rolled around I stopped being as interactive in class. I stopped caring a whole lot about school and spent my time learning on my own. Experience became my teacher and I immersed myself. I'd do enough in class to get the B that kept me out of trouble at home. I stopped following the path the system had laid out for me and followed my own.

I'm not going to tell you that it is easy. You'll have plenty of failures. And, you'll also find success.

Following your own path. It sounds like the stuff of poetry and dreams.

It's also the stuff of reality and it can be your reality. Those of us who are following our path are here to help you. And, there are many, many more of us than you might realize. Look and you'll find us.

3 thoughts on “Ritalin vs Following Your Own Path?”

  1. Bob,
    After listening to your great interview with Seth Godin, and then reading this post, I’ve decided you are now my semi-official virtual mentor. I like the way you think, because I’m trying to do the same, but sometimes I scare the crap out of myself!
    I refer to my new trek in life as “connecting-the-dots”. It began after being fired twice in a year from good paying sales jobs(that I really disliked).
    Along the way, I found Seth and several other very insightful thought leaders. The good news is I now understand how I can help people both on a personal level and possibly (when it applies) to improve their business.
    All that said, I’m happy I received your EMail today, and double happy I stopped to connect a few more …..

  2. Gary – thank you very much. I write this blog and my books because I want to help people and I love it when I get feedback that lets me know people are getting value from them. Best of success with your new business.

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