Sales Development with David Dulany

Season 4 – Episode 14: Show Notes.

The term sales development might be relatively new to some but this linking of the work of sales and marketing teams has been gaining large amounts of traction recently. Today we are joined by an expert on the subject, the founder and CEO of Tenbound, David Dulany! Tenbound is a research and advisory firm, based in the Bay Area, and they are solely focused on helping companies set up and run an effective sales development strategy and team. David is also the author of the recently published, The Sales Development Framework, in which he lays out all the important parts of the process for his readers. In today’s episode, we look at the rise of sales development, Salesforce’s critical role in this, how companies can approach the task of installing a team, and the strong ties between sales development and tech companies. David also shares some thoughts on the next few years for Tenbound and the service of sales development in general, so tune in to hear all this and more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • David’s explanation of the term ‘sales development’ and its history!
  • The companies that are currently using and finding value in sales development.
  • Looking at the example of HubSpot and its evolution from a strict inbound focus.
  • The first and most important steps in the building of a sales development team.
  • How Tenbound approach helping their customers; providing content for independence.
  • The role of the sales development team manager and the constant education that is needed.
  • Common mistakes that David has witnessed when companies are building a sales development team.
  • The strategic adding of new members to a team that is already up and running.
  • Why this model for sales fits so well with newer, technology businesses.
  • How small businesses can set up and run a sales development program; some helpful resources.
  • Looking to the future with David; where are Tenbound and sales development headed?
  • Applying the sales development framework to part-time and freelance work.
  • The process of writing a book and David’s reflections on The Sales Development Framework.
  • AI in the sales space and balancing the powers of automation and human skill.


“You’ve got to think about the concept of reverse engineering. You start with the revenue that you expect from putting the investment in this program. So start with the end in mind.” — @DKDINSF [0:09:45]

“We provide content and information on doing it yourself. And then advisory services if you want some help.” — @DKDINSF [0:12:28] 

“What we see a lot is that people skip right over the data component.” — @DKDINSF [0:15:36] 

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