Sales Is A Lonely Job

Outside sales is a lonely job with lots of rejection. Sales People need to be with each other for support and they need to see their managers even more so for the same reasons. People need to know they aren’t alone out there. Meetings give them a chance to talk and learn from each other.

I believe people undoubtedly learn best in a face-to-face setting. And, regional and annual meetings allow you to bring in great speakers and have lots of social networking.

Also, sales people look at the regional and national meetings as recognition that they are important to the company – take that away and you take away some of that belief. That’s why C-Level attendance should be mandatory. I’ve watched employees watching extremely important virtual/video presentations by the CEO, that will affect their future, and what I see in their eyes is “we’re not important enough for you to actually be here.” It’s really bad when they know he’s sitting in his office on the top floor.

Virtual meetings are plain boring and filled with technological problems. With virtual meetings you don’t get instant feedback and both sales people and sales management need that in order to be effective.

An in-person meeting with speakers who can add value to your employees sales and marketing process can say a lot about the culture of the company and set expectations. You can’t do that in a virtual meeting.

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