Sales Manager Is The Problem


“What do you do if your sales manager demands sales and refuses to allow win/win? What if the sale must be made at all costs in order to make the numbers even if you’re left with a less than satisfied customer?” A Daily Doughnut reader privately posed this question to me.

I’d be looking for a new sales position because if this is how the company does business, they are headed down and they will take you with them. You’ll end up hating your job and maybe even the sales profession when both of those things could be fixed by finding a company in sync with your personal values.

However, what if you know that you can be effective without having to compromise your ethics and values? What’s stopping you from doing it your way and getting results that satisfies the company? When I was a new salesperson for 3M Company, I had a manager hanging on my coat for the first month trying to micromanage me. I hated it and I told him so. Then I made him proposition. He’d back off and let me do things my way for the next two months and if I wasn’t meeting expectations (and quotas) we’d try it his way or he could fire me. He agreed and I went on to set new sales records for the month, quarter, and year in my first year there.

Try making the manager a win-win offer and then go and show them how smart they were to hire you.


Personal leadership is the process of keeping your vision and values before you and aligning your life to be congruent with them. — Stephen R. Covey, management consultant, author

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