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I'm feeling a bit like the Grinch right now. And, I don't want to come off that way but after reading about all the sales productivity tools that are being foisted on salespeople this holiday season, I just have to be a contrarian and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Customer Relationship Management, sales genies, time drivers, sales process and performance solutions, sales analytics, and a host of tools that claim to get you more leads, manage your time, let you forecast, direct you to the "right" customer, or, the one I really like, "exploit your customer relationships" are all for sale.

I've been a sales and marketing professional since the 60's. I've seen every tool come and go. And, the one thing that every single one of them has in common is this – professional salespeople hate them and/or won't use them.

I've seen CRM tools that take a week of class time to begin to learn and then another couple of hours out of your sales and marketing time to use them. Who buys these things? My sense is it is usually analytical types in line management who want to get "their arms around sales." They usually have never really sold for a living so they don't feel at all comfortable by the squishiness of sales numbers and the sales process. So they buy a tool they think will give them the data they need to do their job and force it upon the sales force.

Forget it. If you force people to use them they will fudge the numbers. You will never get the data you want and you just might lose the best and brightest in your sales force because they won't use something that won't help them in their job and they sure won't use it if it hurts them.

Here's an idea for sales and marketing managers and v.p.'s who have to deal with them.

Get out of the office and spend time with your salespeople. And, not just once a quarter or worse.

Ask the best ones what they need to do a better job. And, then listen to what they really say.

Go on sales calls and listen with your eyes, ears, heart and your mouth shut.

Learn to trust your sales force and you won't have nearly as much need to "get your arms around them" except to thank them for their efforts and achievements. And, if they actually need tools to do their job better, they will tell you. You'll have a relationship with them.

It's about trust – not tools.

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