Scripts Are Training Wheels, Not Destinations


Some of us are natural born salesmen with silver tongues to boot. Most of us aren’t. Most of us have to learn to sell. For that phase of our training there are sales scripts, something we memorize to ensure we hit our marks through every stage of our pitch until we get it right. There’s a time and a place for a script, but never let a script ruin your chance to make a sale. No matter how well written the script most people still see scripts as sleazy and manipulative. Even if company policy requires you follow a script, you can still personalize it with your tone of voice, pacing and being open to answering questions that aren’t in the script.

Scripts can help you lay down the foundations for selling, but ultimately what you want to do is become a problem solver—someone who can help their customers determine best solutions for their challenges. Connecting, offering expert advice, advising people of the latest developments in their industry, giving guidance and ultimately putting good will, trust and advice ahead of making a sale is your real goal. To do all that you have to realize that every person is an individual with different needs and expectations and treat them that way. A script rarely does that. Let a script be your training wheels while you learn to ride, and then let it go. It’s a tool—not a destination.


“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.” ~ W.L. Bateman

2 thoughts on “Scripts Are Training Wheels, Not Destinations”

  1. I never worked with a super successful sales person who didn’t use a script in some way shape or form Bob.

    Often it may be just on the initial call and often it was only in their head and no longer written down, but scripts coupled with flexibility as you mention are an absolute must!

    1. I’ve seen Hamlet performed at least 5 times – each time by different actors. They are all following the same script but as professionals they have learned to make it their own which changes script following to art. Sales professionals need to do the same thing. Start with a script but never forget that your goal is to provide enough value for the client to offset the investment you are asking them to make. That often means straying from the script and improvising on the spot.

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