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One of the things I found so fascinating about journalism when I was shooting photos for newspapers, was the fact that the writers wrote to an 8th grade reading level or lower. The most read and followed stories were not those that used big words and long sentences. The most popular stories spoke to readers at a junior high school level. Why? Because, as any inventor knows, the more complex something is, the more simple you must make it for people to operate it.

The easier it is for someone to understand something, the more likely people are to trust it, embrace it and buy it. We don’t trust things, explanations or people and concepts we struggle to understand. Don’t think that by making your presentation or sales pitch more complex or intimidating that people will be impressed and buy from you. They may be impressed, but they won’t be sold. Ever try to buy a technical product only to have the salesperson talk down to you with geek jargon? We engage with things we understand. Appeal to your client’s inner child’s mind. Sell simplicity, ease and understanding and your client will buy.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~Leonardo DaVinci

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  1. Bob – this is such a great point. Some sales people may feel the need to show how much they know, but that will not usually endear them to their audience. The KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is one to remember in sales, as you (and Mr. DaVinci) remind us so beautifully….

    1. There is an old adage that bears repeating, Elaine, in response to your post. Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Thanks, Elaine.

  2. Amen Bob. I have met so many sales people that are so full of themselves, they think that everybody will be full of them too. I go by the advice that Guy Kawasaki gives in his book ‘Enchantment’ which basically recommends being enchanted by the product you sell, your enthusiasm will help you sell the service, product, ect more than any big words or complex explanations.

    1. Hi Kris – I got a chance to interview Guy when he first published Enchantment. You can find it by searching Bob Poole or Water Cooler Hangout on iTunes or you can listen here. Thanks for joining in!

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