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If you're opening a small business in a down economy or during boom times, you need to think a few things through before you open your door for business.

For example, a pizzeria style Italian restaurant recently opened in my area. I wouldn't have known it but they had someone stuff a menu in our door. But, it was just a menu like every other pizzeria menu. It didn't give me a reason to visit them. They have the same specials as all the pizzerias. The menu is even printed on a stock paper with stock photos that lots of restaurants use. There is nothing in their first contact with a potential customer that makes me want to give them a try.

As I looked the menu over, I noticed I didn't see anything about delivery service. Pretty much all the pizza places here deliver. If you don't – you just threw away at least half of your business.

But then, I noticed one of their coupons stated, "Good only for dining in or take out." Logic told me that if it is only good for those two things they must have another service where it isn't good and the only one that made sense is delivery. So, I called them and asked.

"No, we don't deliver." I said, "I'm confused, your menu offers discounts only on dining in your restaurant or taking food out. How would I take delivery of your product where I wouldn't be able to use the coupon?"

"We don't deliver" was the response and that was the end of the conversation.

Here's what I would have done if I was opening a new pizzeria, style Italian restaurant and having flyers delivered to potential customers.

  1. I would have the best pizza in town.
  2. The flyer would be an offer of a free pizza. I'd spread the flyers out over a couple of weeks.
  3. I would have have free delivery and I'd make sure I paid the delivery people well to give the best possible service.
  4. Every time someone got home delivery or bought at my restaurant, I'd include a little something extra they weren't expecting.
  5. When they come into the restaurant, the server would give them a free pizza coupon at the end of their meal. They would also be handed a postcard and a pen with an offer to give a friend a free pizza too. We then would take the card and put it in the mail.
  6. We'd have a birthday club and you would get a birthday card and coupon for a free dinner at the restaurant anytime during your "birthday week."

I could go on but you get the idea. I wouldn't do what every other pizza place does. I'd make it a fun experience whether you come into the restaurant or call for delivery.

And, by the way, with a little creativity you can substitute pretty much any other product or service for the pizza – like software or employment services – for example.

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