Seth Godin and I Discuss The Role of the Story

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Seth Godin again today to discuss one of our favorite topics – The Role of the Story in Sales and Marketing. After we finished, I realized that stories and storytelling have a role in our entire lives. It is part of our DNA

I hope you enjoy our discussion and our story about stories. The podcast is about 30 minutes long.

5 thoughts on “Seth Godin and I Discuss The Role of the Story”

  1. Bob, good stuff as usual. Stories really are the stitches in our lives’ fabric. And telling them well, with power, clarity and skill, is ever a challenge. (Except for dirty limericks of course—you just have to get the rhymes right.)

  2. @Tom – “Stitches in our lives’ fabric.” Wow! And, if we’re lucky, we’ll end up with a tapestry – which leads me to another story…

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