Sex, Lies & Marketing Junk

What kind of marketing are we doing to our kids when middle school girls are taking nude photos of themselves and sending them via the Internet to their friends who then send them to the world?

Why is it okay to engage in sexual acts and video them and then send them to your friends all before you can drive a car?

When no-talent, no-morals, nobody Paris Hilton is on cover after magazine cover and the only thing famous she has ever done is create sex video tapes of herself and the boy of the week, then I think we are sending a message to our teens and pre-teens that it’s okay if you do it too. Maybe you can be a star too. Maybe you’ll be popular if you engage in group sex and let someone video it and then post it for the school. It works for lots of “stars.”

When 16 year olds are getting pregnant and then marketing the photos and stories to People Magazine for millions, what message is coming through to our kids?

When people are more interested in the latest Spears meltdown than the Iraq War, the general election and the economy put together, what does it say about our values as a culture?

Marketing can be used for wonderful reasons and causes. It is used to raise people up and bring products and services to those who need and want them. It drives pretty much everything and all of us are marketers of something. It is an extremely powerful force. But, like all things, it has two sides.

Marketing can also be used for evil (and I use that word carefully). You can turn off the telemarketing if you don’t want it. You can TIVO so you can skip the commercials. Then don’t you think it is time to stop supporting the type of messages that some marketers are delivering? It’s time to turn them off. Put them on a no marketing list.

It’s supply and demand. If you quit demanding the junk it has to go away. No demand – no market – no marketing.

We have the control. We can make a change.

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