Should I Hate Microsoft?

I've been traveling and visiting family and friends in Pittsburgh and Ohio, which is why my posts have been missing for a few days. Actually, I posted several before I left and had grand plans to post some "from the road." Alas, technology let me down and my computer decided to start presenting the "blue screen of death."

However, upon returning late last night I plugged the computer into the system in my office and after dealing with a blue screen one more time, it started working again.

But, I have my suspicions it is just waiting for me to write a couple of chapters of a new book and then before I can back it up, it will send out a wailing noise from the internal speaker and defiantly die! I'm not taking any chances. It's not the only computer in the office.

Meanwhile, I went through some logs to see if I had added any new drivers which often causes blue screen problems. Guess what? The only thing I've "added" is Microsoft Updates to XP. I refuse to use Vista. We have it on one machine and it has been a problem since the day we bought it.

Windows wants to add more "security updates" to XP right now. Why do I have to update Windows on a weekly basis? Actually, I don't have to but MS is calling this another critical update.

I don't know whether to thank them for their constant attention to making a better product or to join the legions of Windows haters who think that if they did a good job in the first place they would not have to be constantly updating.

Maybe if they did a better job of building relationships with their customers there would be less haters.

I bet there would be less problems with the software.

By the way, BING returned over 500,000 hits for Windows Haters. Google returned over ten million. 

I found myself giggling at that fact!

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