Show Me The (Sales) Love

Do you ever think about what you want for your customers, clients, or prospects? I believe the more you want the best for them, the more you build them up, the more generous you are with them, the more productive and successful you will be.

Seems pretty simple and yet it doesn't happen often enough. Salespeople focus on themselves too often. Sure, they've been through the training and they know to ask people questions so they can focus on needs. But, that isn't enough. You need to love them.

I think if you want the best for someone, if you are giving them your attention by listening, and if you are taking the time to understand them – then you are engaging in a form of love. 

If this is simple then why doesn't it happen enough? Fear is the reason. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of loss, and more. But, when you have faith in yourself and in your message and your convictions – then fear goes out the door.

Have faith and show them the love.

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