Small Business Sales Secrets

There are many, many secret for sale success for small businesses that I’ve either learned from a Sales Wizard over the years or through my own trial and error. The first secret for small business success is to remember you are a small business. Don’t try and act like a large one even if that is your goal – at least until you’re ready. Thing big but act small. Here are some more that should be present in your small business.

  1. You’re nimble. You can make decisions quickly and change directions on a dime.
  2. You can keep costs low. Your start-up is much less costly than what it cost not too many years ago.
  3. My favorite is you engage in collaboration and not competition.
  4. You’re not surrounded by naysayers with different agendas.
  5. You’re more innovative than 99% of large companies.
  6. You can quickly become a leader within your tribe and community.
  7. As typical non-conformists you are superb idea creators.
  8. Your leader is involved in client interaction giving you a tremendous advantage over faceless large companies.
  9. You don’t engage in CYA as the buck really does stop with you so you can think big without the fear of making a mistake.
  10. You can create openness throughout the organization.
  11. You can create, participate in, and track remarkable – even extraordinary – experiences for your customers.

If you’re a small company and you don’t see all of these ten in your business it’s time to reassess if maybe you’ve lost sight of why you started your small business and where you’re headed.

This is the beginning of the small business sale success secrets that I and the Sales Wizard will be sharing with you over the coming weeks. Let’s make it a two-way conversation and share your sales secrets too. Remember openness is key for us.

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