Smash the Ice, Don’t Break it


Call them ice breakers, conversations starters or one-liners, but far too many sales people rely on safe, neutral, boring topics to catch their prospect’s attention. No wonder they don’t spark any interest in potential customers! Conversation starters are like headlines. To grab someone’s attention with an icebreaker you have to say something remarkable, not predictable. I’m not telling you to run naked down the streets to get attention, or to be outrageous and bizarre when approaching someone. I’m just saying, smash the ice, don’t just break it. I know a printing salesman who used to call on businesses during and after thunderstorms. His opening line? “Did you realize the best time to place an order for printing was during or right after a thunderstorm? Do you want to know why?” he’d ask.

The business owner, almost always intrigued by the question and the connection between printing and rain would say, “Sure.” That was Jim’s cue to explain briefly how humidity and dampness affected the printing process. He pointed out that by placing an order during a thunderstorm, the order would go in to the printer after the storm when the air and humidity levels were at their best, ensuring a smoother print process and better coverage. He’d show the owner samples of printing done during different weather patterns and almost nine times out of ten the customer would place an order. Eventually it became a joke among his customers who would call and say, “I think it’s going to rain, can I get some letterhead done before the weekend?”  He could have just said, “How about this weather?” But he found a way to make a common conversation starter into a unique sequeway and then into a sale.

How can you do the same with your product?


“Don’t knock the weather. If it didn’t change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn’t start a conversation.” ~ Kin Hubbard

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