Snapping Turtles and Other Stories From Around the Water Cooler

I was thinking about starting this post with something like, "Tell my wife not to pay the ransom – I've escaped!"

I have never gone this long without posting here and I'd like to tell you the story of my wonderful vacation on a barely discovered South Pacific island that does not have Internet. But, that isn't the case. The real reason has to do with noodling for turtles and being bit on my finger and not being able to type. What's that you say? You're not buying that story either. 

Okay – the real reason is that I've been both under the weather and crazy busy putting together some new projects and ideas to share with you soon and throughout 2010. I've made a full recovery (as long as I ignore the fact that I showed up at my dentist today 24 hours early for an appointment and this is the third mistake like that I've made in the last few days).

And, we're only hours away from the launch of my YouTube channel. It is called the Mr. Listen First channel and you can subscribe right now by clicking here. Go ahead and do that. I'll wait for you right here. If you haven't seen my Seinfeld experience video, you'll find it as the only video there right now.

Okay. You're back. The channel will be hosting a series called Stories From Around the Water Cooler. What I'm most excited about is you will have the opportunity to send me videos and share your own Water Cooler stories. How great will that be! I know we can have some fun and also share ideas about sales, marketing, creativity and leadership. I'm also going to keep my camera with me so I can do some on-the-spot interviews of the fascinating people I meet.

Stories From Around the Water Cooler will NOT be replacing this blog. Instead, I'll continue to post here and you'll be able to move back and forth from here to the video.

The first video is in the can and I'm working on a series on Relationship Styles. On those shows I will tell you:

  • why you should understand the different styles of people (It is critical to your business success.)
  • how to quickly recognize the different styles
  • communication tactics in order to sell and market effectively to different styles
  • why you really dislike certain people and you only met them 15 seconds ago
  • how to understand and effectivley use your own style for sales and marketing success

So, now are you ready to subscribe to the channel? It's free and I promise we'll have a good time and you'll go away with some ideas that you can implement in your own business for even greater success in 2010. One more time – here is the link to the channel.

Oh, one other thing. Would you do me a big favor and let your friends know about both The Water Cooler Hangout and Mr. Listen First YouTube Channel? My goal is to double the number of my subscribers and readers each quarter this coming year. I know I can do it with the help of all of you who were here first and I thank you for being loyal readers.

Thank you to all of your who bought Listen First – Sell Later. In the eight months since its release it has gotten great critical reviews and the sales have been growing each week. If you read the book and can do a review on Amazon, I would love you for it.

Tons of people have downloaded the free PDF eBook copy. You can still tell your friends to get their copy (eBook or paperback) by going to Listen First – Sell Later. In case you forgot, the secret code is LFSL2009. By the way, just an interesting fact that points out Amazon's dominance in the market. At least 95% of my sales go through Amazon instead of other online book stores. 

Well, back to noodling for me. I'll look forward to seeing you soon – here or on YouTube. And, thank you again for being part of the The Water Cooler Hangout!

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