It’s a nasty little word. It grates my senses as I say it out loud.

The term came to mind last night as I read a forum posting about a friend of mine. My friend is a best selling author with something like ten books that have sold in the millions. He’s one of the highest paid speakers in the world and he also happens to write one of the most popular blogs in the world. I could go on but you should have the idea by now that he is very accomplished, successful and at the pinnacle in his profession.

The person who made this post took a “shot” at my friend and his work. Now you might not like someone’s work but this attack was nothing but snarky. And, that’s the word that immediately came to mind when I read her comments.

As I thought more about this, I was tempted to get snarky right back but then I figured I’d just be continuing the rude behavior and insults. But, it bothered me because I see a lot of this kind of thing in the digital world whether it be on a forum, blog, or a social networking site.

Fox Broadcasting has turned snarky into a corporate mission. If they weren’t snarky 24×7 they would have little of interest to most viewers. But, people enjoy snarky the same way they slow down to watch a terrible traffic accident. Come to think of it – that pretty well describes Fox Broadcasting – a terrible accident. Oh, was that snarky? I'll let you be the judge.

It’s one thing to write satire or a critical essay. It’s quite another to be insulting for the purpose of trying to influence people while hurting and demeaning other people. That's what happens too often anymore.

And, then just minutes ago I stumbled upon a book on snarky. It seems that David Denby, the film critic for The New Yorker has written a book called Snark. I love the description of it and I’m ordering now. And, I’m also stopping this post.

But, I think we need an anti-snarky movement.

Anyone else ready to join up?

We should make the T-shirt first.

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