Social Media Is a Waste of Time?

Photo compliments of Brandon Carpenter

Think social media has little value and is a waste of time. If you ask Azubike, I bet he’ll give you a big smile and tell you how social media made a huge difference in his life. I’ll let him tell you in his own words.

But, first, a little back story. My wife, Joann, started a Facebook group called Social Workers some ago. They are a pretty active bunch and the topics are mostly work related. On August 12th, Azubike reached out to the group and asked for help in preparing for the Licensed Clinical Social Worker exam. He said he was preparing “hard” for it. Passing this and becoming licensed would be a major accomplishment for him.

Two weeks later on September 1st everyone was thrilled to find this post from Azubike.

“Hello friends and fellow social workers. I’m glad to share the good news that, yesterday, I passed the LCSW exam. I also want to place on record that through this medium, I got help in preparing for the exam from, Armina Johnson-McElveen, a woman I did not know and haven’t even met. People like her make this world better and FB a richer experience. When I attempted the exam in April I failed by seven points and had to ask for help, which has paid off. My gratitude goes to Armina and others who responded to my request for assistance.”

Enough said.


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