Social Media is Not The Answer

I hope that headline grabbed you, because it’s true. But it’s not the whole thought. “Social Media is Not The Answer, But It Helps If You Use it Properly” is the entire headline. I recently asked people what kind of responses they were getting from social media—was it helping. I got mixed results, with many people saying “No, not really.” I thought about it and realized we’re all looking for a magic bullet. Yes, even me. Wouldn’t it be great to find that one thing we can do, say or demonstrate to zing right to a prospect’s heart so that they buy from us without all the callbacks, wooing, presentations and “sales” efforts we use?

I like to imagine it would be effortless, easy and consistently productive. When Twitter came along, it looked like that kind of tool. Then FaceBook, LinkedIn and whatever else you might use. We were disappointed. We had more access to more people, but we still had to go through the qualifying, connecting, listening, helping and presentations we’ve always had to do. In other words, great sales means establishing great rapport and connection; listening first, selling later, no matter what platform you use. It’s just a fact of life. Technology changes, but the people and the process we use to sell never does. What works in real life works on social media—listening, engaging, earning trust, and being authentic. If you can’t do it face-to-face, chances are you’re going to struggle doing it in social media too.

“The biggest mistake we see companies make when they first hit Twitter is to think about it as a channel to push out information.” ~ Tim O’Reilly and Sara Milstein, authors “The Twitter Book.”

2 thoughts on “Social Media is Not The Answer”

  1. I loathe Facebook. I am (I admit) enjoying Google+ though. And, the hangouts are great for talking face-to-face with friends, clients, and triiibsters who are far away. They also mean that when people meet “in real life”, they meet the “real” people, they already knew online, rather than a fake social media persona. Congruence, as our friend Bernd would say.

    By the way, if you don’t already know, today is National Donut Day. 🙂

    1. I haven’t done much with Google+ and I probably won’t. I’m cutting way back on Social Media and I haven’t seen it that interesting for me.

      A friend said this to me about Facebook:

      Name another product or service where it is incumbent on you to discover unannounced changes to specs or process and you have to take the initiative continually to protect your interests. That is Facebook.

      And, I did know it was National Doughnut Day. Thank you!

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