Some of The Things The Wizard Said

Think about them and they may change the way you look at your business.

Or, they may guide you into creating one.

1. Everything is good enough these days – the quality is usually acceptable (with the exception of most airlines).

2. That means people then pick close and cheap. So you can’t be “good enough” or you’ll lose to people who are closer and cheaper.

3. TV is going away. That means that down the road there will be a surplus of attention and activity. It won’t last for long but create a business that fills that attention and activity and you’ll be at the beginning of a new wave.

4. The Internet is more like radio than TV from a conceptual point of view.

5. When people go online they browse…they don’t read

6. Ideas that spread win – stories that spread win. You need to form an organization that allows you to profit when the idea spreads.

7. Ask permission and as your permission base grows it is an asset (maybe your greatest) and then build your business around that.

8. Find scarcity and create a business model around it. Don’t do what most people do and build a business and then try to market it.

2 thoughts on “Some of The Things The Wizard Said”

  1. This Wizard sounds like a very insightful guy.
    This Wizard also sounds like he might say..
    Well liked is a lousy way to grow
    Give the people who are in a story to tell to people who are not in.

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