Some People Don’t Care About Blue Herons

There is a great blue heron that feeds in a creek that I walk by in the mornings. I see him almost every time I walk and I worry about it when I don't see it there. But, it (or one of its relatives) have always returned.

Yesterday as I was approaching the area where I usually find it, there were several people in front of me on the trail who passed there before me. I didn't see any of them point or stop so I thought the bird must not be around. But, no, there it was sitting less than 20 feet from the path. "How could they miss it?" I wondered.

I sat down to watch it feed for a while and thought about why some people see it and others don't. I then realized that out of 100 people who pass by that part of the creek, I bet at least 20 – 30 of them have never seen the blue heron. They just don't care. They aren't interested in birds or at least this one. Then there are probably another 60 people who occasionally see it and maybe even stop once in a while. I've pointed it out to some people and they just smile and keep on walking or running.

Then there are people like me. We're in the minority. We are fans of the great blue. We always stop to see where it is feeding. And, most of us know where it sometimes hides in the shallows or down the creek under the big willow tree. We'd pay to make sure the heron is safe and well fed if there was a way.

I was wondering what would happen if we put up a big sign near the path that said, "See The Great Blue Heron! Only $1.00!" Would more of those 60 people stop and pay? I doubt it. They can stop now and see it for free.

What is we offered to pay $1.00 to everyone who stops? Would the people that never stop be persuaded to do so if we paid them? Maybe. But, would that make them real fans?

What if instead of focusing on these 100 people, we identified people who like birds, environmentalists, Sierra Club members, Natural Resources Defense Council members just to start? We could volunteer to speak to them and show them photos we've taken of the heron and ask them to come see it. We could use our social networks, our blogs and websites to discuss herons and this one in particular. Someone would name it and the story of the friendly great blue heron would spread all over not just this area but the world.

Before long it would have a much larger fan club. It would have its own tribe that would make sure the heron lives the best life a heron can have. A tribe that would spend money and time.

How is this story of the heron different from your business?
Find the people who want and need to hear your story. Don't chase everyone because some don't care.
Tell them your story using diverse channels
Entertain, educate and engage.
Create your tribe.

1 thought on “Some People Don’t Care About Blue Herons”

  1. I have a Blue Heron on my property that eats my Koi! Maybe I can convince him to go to your walking path. She’s a beauty but I like my Koi in the pond, not her belly.

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