Soul for Sale

The NY Times carried several articles and opinions this weekend about people having to struggle with losing money in their 401Ks, those who have been "Madoffed" and the poor struggling financial leaders who may have to get by with only $500,000 in annual salary. That one was especially heart wrenching.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are not like these people. They actually lose money much more often. Why do people start a venture where over 50% fail after 4 years? Why do people "fail" but persist to try again?

People will give you many reasons but having talked to tens of thousands who have made the leap into owning their own business has convinced me there is one overriding reason. A reason that can't be described but only felt.

Inside them is a tiny voice. And, the voice calls out to them night and day to follow it. It might be a voice telling the engineer they can make it better. Or, the frustrated writer that there is a book inside them. Or, it tells the litigator that is there is another way to help the world.

The voice cries out to them. Ignoring and stifling it becomes unbearable. To do so means letting a piece of your soul – a piece of what makes you the person you are – whither and die.

Does the voice call out to you?
What happens if you ignore it?
What is your soul worth?

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