Speed Dating for Business Development

Here's a business development idea that will work for many types of businesses. And it should both scale and be within most everyone's capabilities.

  1. Contact some business coaches in your area and ask them if they would be interested in meeting new potential clients. If they say no – you're doing something wrong. Make sure you check out their qualifications and get referrals. You want the best coaches in your area.
  2. Contact your clients and potential customers and invite them to a Free Business Coaching meeting. Let them know that they will have the opportunity to meet with and get some coaching advice from several local experts. This is by invitation only and is not transferable.
  3. Set up the meeting for early morning or at 5-5:30pm. You can find a place that is local and that is looking for business too. Offer to let the general manager of the venue attend the meeting. Serve refreshments.
  4. You want to have one coach per round table with 4 or 5 invitees at the table. It is best to limit the number of tables to 5. That means you will need to cut-off reservations at 20-25 not counting coaches.
  5. Let them know it does not matter where they sit as they will get a chance to talk to each coach.
  6. Start the meeting with your own remarks and let people know that you are sponsoring this meeting because you recognize that "we all need to be open to change and advice especially in these economic times." Then begin the coaching round-robin sessions. Every table gets 20 minutes with the coach and at the end of 20 minutes the attendees get to pick a new table.
  7. Make sure you let the attendees move and not the coaches in case someone gets "stuck" at a table with someone who lacks their own charm and personality.
  8. The entire meeting will take 2 hours. Allow the coaches to pass out literature, books, CD's whatever they wish at the end of the meeting. No selling takes place during the meeting.
  9. Follow-up with your clients and prospective clients to see what value they got from attending. Ask them for ideas on how to make it more valuable. Ask them for permission to stay in touch with them.

This is a thumbnail sketch. You need to fill in all the details and make sure the meeting represents you and your company's standards. Don't just send out an invitation and expect people to respond. You need to market it, makes phone calls and follow-up.

The benefits to you are that you will be developing relationships, finding new customers, increasing both your value and that of your company, and providing value to everyone who participates.

1 thought on “Speed Dating for Business Development”

  1. OUTSTANDING idea Bob. I have discovered the strength of the relationship a sales rep and client share gets both through these “interesting” times. People want to know they are being advised by a professional who has the clients’ best interests in mind each and every time an advertising decision is being made. In the radio sales industry I find many who will accept advertising even when other competitive choices would be better suited to meet the clients’ needs. Please keep the thought provoking Water Cooler Hangout coming.

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