Stop Beating Us Over the Head

IStock_000008785500XSmall Why do companies continue to pound us on the head with advertising? Have you noticed if you’re watching something like a sporting event on TV you’ll see the same commercial over and over again?

Companies know we’ve stopped allowing them to interrupt us with their messages. They know we’re not paying attention. So, they beat us over the head with the message thinking somehow we’ll finally “get it.”

I don’t get it.

And, I’m not likely to buy from them by being pounded with their message.

Are you guilty of doing the same thing? Too many small businesses send out a bunch of mailings to a list and hope for instantaneous results. Too many of you give your marketing dollars to agencies that are still stuck using old marketing methodologies. By old, I mean last year, last month, and sometimes last week.

Wouldn’t you like to have the customer initiate the contact with you rather than the other way around? For example, they contact you for more information about something you’ve written in your blog or something they’ve heard on your podcast. Or, maybe they responded to your email offer for a free copy of the latest booklet you’ve written for your market.

Which is likely to get you more sales – you initiating the contact or them contacting you?

Which will it be today – will you start developing more content to drive more inbound customer and prospect contacts?

Or, will you continue to beat us over the head?

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