Stop Doing Insignificant Things First

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I’m in the process of packing up my office since I’m getting new carpet and everything has to be moved out so the workmen can get in. You’d think that’d be fairly simple. Get boxes, pack, move. I wish it were that easy. What happens is you go to get boxes, get distracted, take a phone call, and end up doing something like sorting through old papers, or skimming a magazine you didn’t get to see when it first came in. I’ve caught myself tending to the insignificant and delaying the important. But we all do it. Call it procrastination, but in reality what we’re doing is a lot of small things to create the illusion we’re doing big things.

We feel busy, but a day’s full of small tasks rarely produce a day’s work. Many of us fall victim to organizing the office or our workspace thinking it makes us a better salesperson. What makes us a better salesperson is tacking the big jobs, making the calls, following up on leads and tacking the significant tasks first. There’s nothing wrong with small tasks, but they shouldn’t be our only tasks. Do the biggest, hardest most challenging task of the day first. Get it out of the way, and then turn to the smaller things on your list. Do the insignificant last, the critical first, no matter how hard or undesirable. It’ll not only free up your day, it’ll free up your mind.

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“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” ~Thomas Edison

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