Stop Selling

Customers and prospects know their problems. In fact, they know them better than you do. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you already know the solutions. You need to know the solutions. That's why they need you. But, to assume you know the solution before you really understand the problem is like a physician writing a prescription before making a diagnosis.

They might not need what you are selling – this time. But, if you know how to solve their problem don't you owe it to them to provide that solution? Would you rather be thought of as the salesperson who sells (insert anything here) or as the person who solves problems?

One of my first jobs was selling copiers for 3M when Xerox was at it height in popularity. 3M was still focused on selling coated paper machines when Xerox had plain paper. I learned very quickly that if all I did was sell copiers I was going to lose almost every time.

Instead, I established relationships with prospects and I asked questions about them, their lives, hobbies, goals, you name it. I shared the same kind of information about myself with them. And, then I went about becoming a solutions provider. Any one individual solution might not have a thing to do with copiers. It might have to do with providing an introduction to someone with the same hobby. Sometimes it meant telling them I couldn't help them this time and I'd give them the name of a competitor.

But, I would stay in touch. And, when they needed another copier or knew someone who did, I most often got the call. I broke every sales record for the company my first year. And, I did it in a territory that was considered to be economically depressed and nobody wanted.

Stop being a salesperson. And, become a solutions provider. You'll be much more productive.

It's more fun.

And, it's the right thing to do.

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  1. I teach electronics so I’m not “officially” involved in marketing (of course we are all marketers), but this post and Bob’s post about killing the goose really speak to my views as a customer. Many companies have gone for the quick sale of something I might not need at the time or during the sale wasting my time trying to get me to sign up for a credit card. If I like your store or product I will come back, if you tick me off by not letting me buy what I want to buy now until I tell you 5 times I don’t want the credit card, I will never come back.

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