Stupid Questions

I talked to a good friend yesterday who asked me for suggestions on changing his website so he gets less phone calls from potential clients and current customers. "Why in the name of marketing would you want to do that?" I asked.

He went on to tell me that he gets a "lot of stupid questions" that just waste his time. He wanted to put all the information that apply to questions he considers "time wasting" on his website so his company could direct people there and not "bug him."

I told him most people would jump at the chance to have a customer interaction. Even if someone is calling to complain it is an opportunity to turn the situation around. If someone is calling with questions, they don't think they are stupid or they wouldn't call.

The truth is that customers have unlimited choices of where to buy his services. And, he knows it but he doesn't see being "bugged" as an opportunity his competitors will satisfy if he doesn't.

Relish and encourage every opportunity to communicate with your customers. If they are asking you questions they are open to your help. Figure out a way to help them!

Don't look at how you've always done things and assume their questions are a waste of time if they don't feed into your idea of how to run your business. Create new products and services and change what you sell them. If you don't – one day you won't have to worry about answering "stupid questions."

People will stop asking you!

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