Sub and Con and Me (Which is not the same as Marley and me)

What is it about our brains? Well, at least my brain. I'll let your brain speak for itself. Every night when I settle down to sleep and the room is dark and everything is quiet – part of my brain decides it's time to go to work. Suddenly my sub-conscious (sub) says something like, "Yeah, finally some peace and quiet. Let's get going now." Or sometimes it says, "Hey wouldn't this be the perfect time to run all those tapes from ages 30-40!" I feel like I'm in the movie Defending Your Life!

Then my consciousness (con) kicks in and it has a little talk with sub. It usually goes something like "Hey, it's late. Why don't you go to sleep too." But, sub seems to have a mind of its own. And, I mean that with all seriousness.

But, here is where I get really weird. Instead of letting sub do its thing and con going to sleep – along with rest of my body – con wants to watch the movies and see sub work on solving things like global poverty and how big is the typical stag beetle.

I think this is what some people call insomnia. 

I admit it can be annoying at times. But, it is amazing to watch sub in action. It's so much more efficient than con. (Please don't tell him I said that.) However, I've come up with a plan where I can have the best of both worlds. I'm setting an alarm for con. I'm willing to give con an hour to observe the workings of sub and then I'm shutting him down.

I haven't yet told my wife, Joann about this plan. I probably should explain it to her before the alarm goes off an hour after "we" go to sleep. She does go to sleep – in seconds. Her sub and con work in tandem. They've been known to trigger a snore or two from her as I'm in the middle of a sentence talking.

Hey, no smart mouth now! I suppose I've triggered a few snores in my time. But, you know what. Sub doesn't care. He just takes it all in and makes it all part of me. That's a good thing to remember next time you're beating yourself up about – well anything. Sub remembers all those things. So, right after I turn off that alarm and before I shut con down, I'm going to say something nice to myself.

And, I will also say something nice about you. It can't hurt. You never can tell for sure what sub might do with it.

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