Success is 90% Preparation and 10% Persuasion

These days customers will often show up knowing the features and advantages of your products and services. They will have done their homework on the Internet and they’ll have read all the good and bad things people have said about your company, its products and quite possibly, even you. They will come with questions for you that you used to ask them.

Some of you might fear the prospect having that kind of knowledge and power. But don’t. Instead be thrilled because if they are talking with you it’s because they have made a decision to take the first step towards a purchase. Be thrilled that you won’t have to spend as much time educating them about basics and instead can concentrate on what they really want and need.

Because the fact is that although selling has changed with the advent of the Internet, nobody buys anything unless they perceive they have a need, a want, or a problem to solve.

And, it is still your job to have your prospect tell you about them. Lots of people educate themselves about physical ailments and symptoms before seeing their doctor and often tell the physician their opinion of what ails them. But, the doctor would be guilty of malpractice if she didn’t ask questions before writing a prescription.

Like the physician, you need to know your product inside and out. If you don’t know the features and the benefits of it and how to relate them to the prospects perceived needs, wants and problems, you can’t sell it. Being prepared to sell means being prepared to listen, to answer questions, to wait, to smile, to bite your tongue, to explore other options and to connect with your customer.

People buy from people they trust. They trust people who know what they’re talking about and who are confident. Being prepared means knowing what questions to ask to find out your prospects needs, wants and problems as well as how well your product can meet them.

90 percent of success is not in showing up. It’s in showing up prepared.

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