Sunday Doughnuts

When I was about five years old, my paternal grandparents lived above the L&B Doughnut Shop in East Liverpool, OH. I kid you not! I used to spend a lot of Saturdays and Saturday nights hanging out with my Grandma and every Sunday morning I awoke to the smell of hot, fresh doughnuts wafting up from the doughnut shop below. Grandma would give me a dollar or two and let me go down the stairs and into the shop all by myself. My mission was to purchase half glazed for me and half cream sticks for Grandma. Glazed was my favorite. They were always still warm and the glazed icing would drip down my small fingers as I took the first bite. I can close my eyes and experience the smell and taste all over again. Enjoying those doughnuts with my Grandma became a tradition that I loved.

I want to start a Sunday Doughnut tradition here at the Daily Doughnut.

Every good cook or baker likes to watch people enjoying the things they’ve created—whether it’s a cake, a steak or in my case, a doughnut. I’ve thought about what can make The Daily Doughnut as much fun, helpful and instructional as possible for everyone. So I’d like to feature someone every Sunday—tell your story, and pass along a doughnut from your experience. I’m also thinking about how we can all share other tips we have and get to know each other, and build sort of a Sunday morning doughnut brunch of ideas.

Here’s the deal:

You email me at bob at bobpoole dot com with:

  • Your name and email address
  • Your photo/avatar
  • Your doughnut tip or story up to 250 words
  • A link to your or your company’s website or blog if you have one

Every Sunday I’ll post all the tips I get, along with a link to your website and your photo and tip. It’s a way to

  1. Share the wealth
  2. Connect with like minds
  3. Spend a Sunday getting inspired and fired up over what other sales people are doing.

I love hearing a good story as much as I like telling one. So here’s your chance to tell yours. Then join us at your inbox or RSS feed and find out what other sales people are doing.

Here’s the best part. We all sell something. If you’re in business for yourself and you’re pitching clients, or closing deals or doing anything that involves drumming up business, you’re selling. So feel free to pitch in with your tips. If you need a theme to go by, let’s make the first theme about prospecting:

Where do you find your best prospects? Be sure and tell us what you do: photographer, writer, salesman, store owner. Etc., then tell us where your happiest hunting, connecting or selling grounds are, or something related. We’re casual here in Bob’s Doughnut Shop, so don’t sweat the formalities. Funny is good.

I’m looking forward to it!

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