Super Bowl for Life

I didn't watch any post Super Bowl interviews with the Colts but I wouldn't be at all surprised if one of the team apologized for letting down the team and fans. We put an awful lot of expectation on people and more often than not, they can't meet those expectations. And, so they feel the need to apologize.

If you have seen any Olympic coverage of the upcoming games in Vancouver, you know doubt have seen the image of Lindsey Vonn. I wish her the best and hope she wins gold in all her endeavors. But, I think people are putting an awful burden of expectation on her. Hell, she could have the best ski run of her life and lose because weather conditions changed for other racers. Will Lindsey have to apologize to her fans, team and country?

Sidney Crosby is carrying the entire Canadian nation on his shoulders when they play for a golf medal in hockey. Many, many Canadians already have stated that anything less than gold will be a failure and will be his failure. Why do we expect god-like performances from sports stars when winning or losing doesn't mean a hill of beans a week later?

And, yet at the same time, we are willing to settle for so much less from people whose performances really do matter – performances that can change lives for better or worse. People whose impact can and will be felt for the ages – people like school teachers, elected representatives, parents, bosses, and religious leaders.

These people have the ability to affect our lives in such a way as to make an impact like no sports star can ever imagine. And, yet, we take them for granted a lot of the time. We seldom recognize the superstars and we much too often allow the failures to continue failing over and over. 

I enjoy sports very much but I wish I would see some of the passion people have for their teams and players be shifted to the people who really do make a difference. What if we raised our expectations for the people who can and do affect us? What if we were less willing to accept failure on their part. What if we gave them the kind of support we give our sports heroes? 

What would happen if we held ourselves to the same standards of success we expect from sports stars?

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