Super Powers and Super People

Some of you know that I began my career as a version of Jimmy Olsen or Peter Parker. And, while I have no super powers (I make it a policy to avoid radioactive spiders) I have had the pleasure of working with some super people who you might think have super powers. Let me tell you a story.

A few years ago, I was talking with Ann Monteith, who was then the president of Professional Photographers of America. The discussion turns to sales and marketing and Ann made the offhand comment, "If you'd like to see the best marketing in professional photography today, you should visit the Waldens in Lexington, KY."

Having nothing to do the following week, I put on my tights and cape and headed for Lexington wondering what I might learn about sales and marketing from a husband and wife photography team. Yeah, I know I'm a sales and marketing person but like all
professionals, I never stop practicing and learning my art and my
profession. I was looking forward to seeing what Tim and Beverly were doing that had Ann singing their praises.

It was obvious when I entered their studio for the first time that Tim and Bev are extremely talented photographers. But, I know a lot of extremely talented people who barely manage to make a living at their profession and never get to the point of thriving. I was really ready to hear about the marketing piece of their business when I took my seat for the first time in the front row. The show was ready to start!

I was blown away. They talked about things like

  • Creating what only the heart can see with the quality only a few can produce.
  • Build a system that runs the business and let the employees run the system.
  • People still want an original.
  • Make sure you have determined your vision and your purpose
  • Give back to your community
  • Tell stories to sell.
  • Ask your customers to tell you their story.
  • Do what you love and what you are the best at doing.
  • Progress comes when you find that what you do best doesn't look like anyone else's work.
  • Style is giving a face to your passion.

And, that was the first hour! I remember telling Tim on our first break of the day that the first hour alone was worth the price of admission.

What does all this mean to you? You're probably not a professional photographer. But, I promise you if you spend an hour on their website looking at the concepts they have introduced you'll come away a better marketer. Just substitute what you sell and market for photography and you'll gain plenty of ideas.

They also continue to learn and to innovate. They have a fantastic blog and once again you can learn from them even if you're not a photographer.

And, if you are one? Then I'd heartily recommend getting yourself down to Lexington and attend one of their workshops. You'll have more fun than you thought possible in a workshop, you'll meet some super people and you'll enjoy some true Kentucky hospitality.

Just don't let Tim talk you into eating one of those Hot Browns if you're not ready to gain five pounds

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