Breaking Rules

From the time I was a young teen until my mid-twenties, I was making money in photography. First, as a stringer for the Associated Press and United Press International as well as my local newspaper. Later on, I worked as a free-lance photojournalist and finally the owner of a studio based business. The story I

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Friday’s Features

I'm going to try something different on Fridays for a while to see how readers enjoy it. I'm going to feature blogs, websites, videos, books and anything I enjoy and find value with in anticipation you will too. I may only feature one or I might have an entire list. Some of these people I

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People do business with people that they know, like, and trust. Since we can’t pick or choose the “type” of person we are most likely to trust and like right away, we need to learn how to effectively with everyone’s personality style.” Learn how in this report and start increasing your sales right away!

Selling To The Four Personality Types