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I had a wonderful time this afternoon talking with Sally Hogshead via phone and recording it for you. Sally is an author and speaker. Her latest book is Fascinate – Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation. That’s her to your right.

Seth Godin said this about Fascinate. “This is a transformative work, a beautifully written book that will forever change the way you see the world. I love it. Let me be really clear: You need to buy this book, devour it, absorb it and then buy copies for your colleagues. A lot of copies.”

I could add hundreds of more comments from people who are praising Fascinate but I suggest you listen to this interview and then check out Sally’s website by going here. Then when you are ready go to your favorite bookseller or Amazon and get your own copy.

You will hear Sally and I talk about The Fascination Personality Test. You can take it online and get an idea of the level and type of fascination you generate. Just go to this page. And, go here if you want to check out her Facebook page.

But first – please take a moment to listen to our discussion. It is about 25 minutes long.

I Survived The Storm

For those of you who might wonder where I've been the past 4 days, I'll tell you the quick story.

We had a major nor'easter (that's a storm out of the south) come up the coast here on Saturday. Now that isn't unusual. We have them a dozen times a year or more and they usually are bad storms.

This one was different.

It was a wicked storm! We must have gotten about eight inches of rain over three days. Maybe more. The real problem was the 60 mph hurricane force winds coupled with a two-hour power outage that let six inches of water backup into my basement. The basement was full of projects, art and other things we had stored. Luckily, 90% of it was off the floor or in plastic containers. The smell of wet cardboard was a bit much but that is clearing out. Luckily trash pickup is tomorrow.

And, oh, most of the shingles on the front roof blew away. Along with a host of other objects. It was like I was in the middle of the Wizard of Oz for a while.

The insurance adjuster just left. He’ll be back to us with more information tomorrow. The remediation team just finished what they could do today and will be back tomorrow to do some heavy work on carpet, floors, dry wall and basement. And, they have to take down part of the ceiling above my third-floor office which doesn't bode well for working that day.

And, the roofer is pounding down shingles right above my head as I write this to you.

So, that means I'm a bit tied up and haven't been able to post for you and I'm sorry. I'll catch up to my usual schedule soon. Meanwhile, I did finish a post while the storm was blowing for my friend, Tim Brownson. Why not visit him and read my post there. We'd both appreciate it very much.

Just click the heels of your shoes together and you'll wish and you'll soon be there.

Or, CLICK HERE. It might be faster!

Getting to Awesome in 52 Weeks

Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Pace and Kyeli Smith, the two fantastic women behind The Freak Revolution that I've written about in the past year.

A few weeks ago, I started hearing rumors of something they are working on called, "52 Weeks to Awesome." I was intrigued because I know that whatever they do – they do it with passion, love and a lot of amazing value. So, I did what anyone would do when they hear a rumor. I dropped them a note and said, "Spill the beans!" Happily, they agreed to answer my questions so here is the result of that interview with an explanation of "52 Weeks to Awesome."

Question #1 – You're about to release something called, "52 Weeks to Awesome." At first,  I thought maybe this was a new diet program but it appears to be something way more important and well – awesome. Can you tell me what it is about?

Answer #1 – A diet book, that's funny. Have you looked at either of us lately?  (; That's certainly not our shtick.

"52 Weeks to Awesome" is a year-long self- and life-improvement course. We’ve written down the 52 most important things to make life more awesome – all things we've done in our own self-work and in our own lives. We've broken it down into four categories: Knowing Yourself, Trusting Yourself, Understanding and Being Understood by Others, and Forward Momentum, and each category has multiple missions. You can see the full list on our website here

It's a pretty intense course, but we think it'll be a lot of fun and provide a solid foundation for people to make long-term positive change in their lives.

Question #2 – So, If I understand what you are saying, you're giving people a formula to make an exponential way to have a happier, more productive, and motivated life but in small, easy to digest bites. What makes this course different from others my readers may have seen or read?

Answer #2 – The other things out there seem great when you look at them – or even when you do them – but in our experience, they don't stick. Overwhelming people with gobs of information isn't a way to help them make lasting change – which is why we're stretching this out over the space of an entire year, to give people the chance to digest and really dig their hands into each mission. Our priority with "52 Weeks to Awesome" is to make it simple and easy-to-implement so that the missions will really stick and create more permanent changes. A lot of little changes that are simple to implement add up to some pretty serious major change!

Question #3 – Why you two and why now?

Answer #3 – We put a lot of work into our own lives. We're constantly tweaking and adjusting, communicating and building, and finding new ways to improve ourselves, our relationships, and our lives. We've come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, so we decided to put it all together and put it out there.

As for why now, what better time to kick off a year-long course than the start of a brand-new year?  (:  People are always making and breaking resolutions, and we thought having a recurring, concrete set of missions come to you every week might be just the thing for people to make 2010 – and what a cool year – the best year ever.

Question #4 – If you could tell my readers one thing they should know about this course, what would it be?

Answer #4 – Self-work isn't easy, but we've done all we can to simplify it and put it into bite-sized chunks that you can practice – and hopefully even enjoy – to give yourself a leg up on your journey to becoming even more awesome than you already are!

Question #5 – Lastly, many people are extremely busy, stressed out, working too much and enjoying it less these days – or so it seems. How can you assure us that the value we will receive from the course will be worth our investment of both time and money?

Answer #5 – I think the thing that says the most about how strongly we feel this will help is our guarantee. If you sign up, complete 80% of the missions, and don't feel totally awesome at the end of the course – by your definition of awesome – we'll refund your money 100% and throw in two hours of personal one-on-two coaching with us for free. On top of that, if you take the time to talk to us and share what did and didn't work for you, we'll double your money back.

We really mean it. We really believe this is going to change lives for the better, and we're putting our time and money where our mouths are.  (:

That's an awesome guarantee and I would not have expected anything else from you two. It is my honor to interview you and I wish you the best with "52 Weeks to Awesome."


Click here to view more details

A Thanksgiving Story of Two Wise Men and One Wise Guy

This is a story about two wise men and one wise guy. And, since it is also a story about gratitude, it is a good one to reflect upon at Thanksgiving when 'g' in Thanksgiving not only stands for giving but for gratitude.

But, let us begin the story. Once upon a time in the great state of Ohio, a wise guy who worked as a sales and marketing consultant took an engagement to help a wise man pass a Home Rule Charter in the wise man's county of residence. By the way, other than the Ohio wise man, very few people had a clue as to what a home rule charter might mean to them.

In case you're wondering yourself, it basically meant that citizens of the county would be able to assert in the form of law their vision for the future rather than be governed by legislators and judges in cahoots with the power elite.

Now who wouldn't want that – other than judges, legislators and the power elite? You'd think that put to a vote – it would be a slam dunk. But, the wise guy marketer knew that what people don't understand would frighten them, change would frighten them and the judges and politicians who had something to lose would use fear to frighten them more. Only education on a massive scale could stop the bad guys from winning.

But, this isn't a story about politics. It's about gratitude. It turns out that the wise man from Ohio has spent his life as a very quiet philanthropist doing good things for the people of the county. Yes, he was very wealthy. He had what is commonly referred to as f*@# you money and as a result he engendered plenty of jealousy. Being both a wise and wealthy man also made him a bit irascible but that's beside the point. The man spent his time and money doing good for the people and he now looked toward them for support of his charter plan.

You probably know what happened. The wise man was pilloried in public and excoriated by everyone from the news media to the man on the street. The wise guy was pissed. He took it personally that a man who had spent millions doing good was unfairly being hung out to dry by the people he helped. He voiced his feelings to the Ohio wise man and it was at this time that the wise man said something to him that he would never forget.

He said, "Wise Guy, you need to understand that gratitude is the most fleeting of emotions." He then went on to explain that he did the things he did not because he wanted gratitude – because he didn't expect it. He did those things because he believed it was the right thing to do and he had the resources to do them.

And so the wise guy went forth and traveled far and wide in search of other wise men and women from whom to learn. And, then one day in the year 2009, the wise guy met a wise man from the Isle of Great Britain. The wise guy knew immediately that this was a very wise man because he had left the Isle of Great Britain and settled in the land known as Orlando where the weather change alone was an indicator of his wiseness.

And so it came to be that the wise guy and Orlando wise man were one day discussing – Gratitude. The wise guy thought "here is my chance to impart the wisdom of my friend from Ohio." And, so he told the Orlando wise man the story of the Ohio wise man and ended it by stating what he believed to be a truth – "gratitude is the most fleeting of emotions."

"Yes, that may be," said the Orlando wise man, "but it is also the most powerful of emotions." (See, I told you he was really wise.)

"Wow," thought the wise guy. "Gratitude is like magic dust. It is both extremely powerful and yet very ephemeral."

"Does that mean we need to keep it close and guard it so that it is not lost? Or, do we use its power to do good things?" asked the wise guy.

"Why can't I do both," thought the wise guy. "I'll give it away by showing my gratitude for and to others. And, I'll hold it in my heart by remembering just how fortunate I have been in my life."

"Yes," said the Orlando wise man. "That is how we need to use gratitude. In fact, let us become part of a global groundswell of gratitude called TweetsGiving. It will be an experiment in social innovation that seeks to change the world through the power of gratitude."

And, so, back in Ohio the wise man smiled as the thoughts and deeds of the wise guy and the Florida wise man drifted to him upon the winds of Thanksgiving. "Yes, wise guy, I told you it is the most fleeting of emotions but I always knew it had the power to change the world – one person at a time.

"Go forth and teach now," said the Ohio wise man to the wise guy. "Enlist others in not only TweetsGiving but in how to live a life of gratitude. Do that and I will forget that we lost the vote for Home Rule."

And, the wise man was grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Is 60 The New 50?

My friends tell me that 60 years old is the new 50. And, my engineer friend Charlie says that 60 only stands out because our society is base 10. I'm about to find out as I reach that milestone today.

I thought it was the perfect day to launch something new. So, I bought a harmonica and signed up for lessons. I hear that it isn't that easy an instrument to learn to play. But, that seemed like a good challenge for a sixty-year old. Plus, it's bound to keep my lungs in good shape.

My friends, Pace and Kyeli picked this day to launch their Freak Manifesto. There is even a free and extremely cool desktop background you can get there designed by Marty. Megan and Marty also designed the eBook. I heartily recommend that you visit the Freak Manifesto site and read and think about what Pace and Kyeli have to say. Then share it with your friends.

Meanwhile, another friend Seth Godin, has launched a new project called Brands In Public. It is a collection of dashboards for your favorite brands. I've written before about how you can track companies using Google Alerts so you can see what is being written on the web about them. This take that to a whole new level. It compiles and organizes a list of what is being said all around the web even on Twitter and YouTube, for example.


Lastly, I want to give my readers a gift today. If you haven't bought a copy of Listen First – Sell Later yet, here is an incentive to do so now. When you purchase a copy before this Thursday, October 1st and email me a copy of the Amazon or Barnes & Noble receipt, I will send you $15 in Water Cooler Bucks that you can use to purchase any future product or service from me. The book will cost you less than that.

I have several new products in the pipeline including eBooks, eLearning, and a couple of things that are still secret today. You'll be able to use the $15 Water Cooler Bucks for any of them.

And, I don't want to forget those of you who have already bought the book. Email me your receipt (Amazon and B&N will still have it if you don't) and I'll also send you $15 in Water Cooler Bucks!

Have a wonderful day. I'm off to have a sushi birthday lunch!

A Surprise From Seth and a Gift for You

I received a wonderful surprise this week when I discovered that Seth Godin had included my book, Listen First – Sell Later, in his blog list of books he likes.

So, here is a gift from me. If you don't already have the book and would like to read it for free, here is a link to a PDF where you can download your own copy. It won't cost a thing and I don't put you on any list. In fact, I won't even know you downloaded it unless you write a review of it at Amazon, which would be really very cool. And, the secret password you'll need to enter is LFSL2009. You can share it with friends.

And, if you'd like your own paper copy to hold in your hands you can get a copy through a number of stores including a signed one from me.

But, either way, please take the time to read Listen First – Sell Later. It's not just about selling. It's about life. You can read some reviews here from people who have discovered this.


What’s An Idea Worth?

What's an idea worth? Is an extraordinary one worth more than a so-so one? Are they scarce or common place or in-between? Can you conjure up one when you need it? Or, do they sit out there right on the edge of your sub-conscious chortling at you as you try to coax them into the cognitive realm?

My experience is that they aren't worth spit if you don't do something with them. But, if you have the ability and the guts to kick an extraordinary one into motion, it will be life-changing for you and those around you.

I have a friend with one of the most fertile, creative minds I've ever met. And, she's giving her ideas away for free. Yep – FREE! She conducted her first "Free Idea Free For All Day" yesterday and it was a hit. I even got involved and got some feedback on copyrighting and some ideas for the future. 

Megan Elizabeth Morris is one of the really good people in the world. When you combine that with her intelligence, wit, humor and a willingness to listen first, you've got the makings of a really great idea collaborator.

I'm a lucky duck. I found her early. Now she's getting famous and her time is getting more and more scarce. (Well, actually she is a world famous Welsh opera singer but I'm not counting that.) She and I exchange maybe a dozen emails a day. And, almost all of them are idea related. There are lightning bolts coming from Austin (where she lives) when she gets the idea machine really humming which is a daily occurrence.

So, here's why I'm telling you all this. You can hire her for idea generation, idea blueprinting and idea consulting. And, on very rare occasions, idea implementation. You can also get ideas from her for free. And, if you're broke, she's got some ways to help you out there too. Like I said, she's a really good person.

Give her a look. Here's her new site. Stop in and visit and poke around a while. Sign up for her blog. It's educational, humorous and often irreverent to don't get your boxers in a bunch if she lets out with the occasional swear word.

By the way, not only did she edit one of the all time great sales books, "Listen First – Sell Later" which I wrote. (Yes, I'm having fun now!) But, Megan also recently gave me an idea for a brand new service that I'll be launching later this year. Can't tell you now. It is a secret.

Now, go and visit Megan. Here's some free resources. You can sign up for her blog here too.

It will all be worth your while.

Learn How to Recognize and Sell to the Four Personality Types

People do business with people that they know, like, and trust. Since we can’t pick or choose the “type” of person we are most likely to trust and like right away, we need to learn how to effectively with everyone’s personality style.” Learn how in this report and start increasing your sales right away!

Selling To The Four Personality Types