You Can’t Handle the Truth!

If you saw the film, A Few Good Men back in the early nineties you’ll definitely remembe r Jack Nicholson as Col. Nathan R. Jessep saying those words to Lt. JG Daniel Kaffee, played by Tom Cruise. It was the turning point in the movie.

How about you?

  • When is the last time you asked your clients to tell you – no holds barred – how they really feel about  your products and services?
  • When you screw up an order how often do you personally ask the customer
    what you can do to make them happy?
  • How often do you hide behind voice and email instead of talking directly to your customers?
  • How often do you ask your boss how you’re doing and I’m not talking about the almost totally useless annual reviews?
  • When is the last time you asked your employees what they’d do differently to make the company better if they were in your shoes?
  • How many days, weeks, and months go by without you listening – really listening – to the people who care about you and your company?

Do you have the courage to handle the truth?

Becoming a Master In Your Business

Golf is a difficult game to master. Many professional athletes in other sports will tell you that it is number one in difficulty to master.

Creating a beautiful painting, extraordinary photo, or a digital video that makes moves people to cry or laugh or feel is also a province of the masters.

How do you then master these things – assuming you want to?

  1. You get the best coach or teacher you can afford.
  2. You watch and listen to the masters – your role models.
  3. In golf you play with players who are better than you and you learn from them
  4. Creating beautiful images means spending a lot of time in museums listening to what the artist is saying.
  5. You learn what the masters do that nobody else is willing to do.
  6. Then you practice, practice, and practice.

What makes you think that if you want to be the best and create an extraordinary business (or an extraordinary life) that you can do it without following these same rules? What makes you think you can create a website, read the latest on social marketing and some other business books and then call yourself an expert – a master? What makes you think you can be successful when you focus on yourself, how much money you can make, as you feed your ego?

The masters will teach you that by focusing on creating value for others you will be on the path toward mastery – a path with heart.

If you want to be a master then find someone who is already a master – someone who has walked the walk and just doesn’t talk the talk. And, then beg them to teach you. Listen to them with your heart and not just your ears.

Then practice what you’ve been taught and what you’ve observed. What is it that you will do that nobody else will do?

Do these things and one day you will indeed become a master.

Now it will be your turn to help others who want to follow your path with a heart.

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