Animation, Cartoons, Video and Your Marketing

Here's how a new rock singer is using a team that thinks outside the box to create her marketing. Using hand-drawn, animated, video from the brain of Martin Whitmore, Megan Elizabeth Morris, and Paul Durban is one way how Emii is capturing minds eyes, ears and minds.

All these creative people know that it's getting more and more difficult to get the attention you want. You have to educate and entertain your prospects – your audience – in order to engage them and get their permission to come back with more. 

Here is my take on the idea. When you're done watching visit the sites above. You can see the Death to Auto-Tune Video here.

Talent Times Two

If you’ve read this blog for any time or my book then you are already familiar with my editor, collaborator, idea generator and great friend, Megan Elizabeth Morris. Funny thing the Internet. Megan and I have never met in person. But, we talk by email or phone every few days and I have to say she is one of the most talented people I know. She’s even a world class opera singer.

Well, it seems talent runs deep in the Morris family. Megan’s little sister, Emily Rose Morris, who will soon be known only as Emii launched a fantastic record this week and a music video.

Just click on the link below and watch and listen. Emii is the real deal. No auto-tune with an amazing smoky voice that she has been honing since she was a little kid – no doubt singing with her big sister.

Watch it here on her site.

World class rocker and world class opera from two of the classiest people you’d ever want to know.

I’m putting my vote in now for a new rock opera.

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