Your Personal Life Gauge

My wife is diligent about expiration dates on food, medicine, etc. Me – not so much. I use the sniff test on food and I figure meds all have some extra time engineered in them.

But what about  personal expiration dates. We all have one but we just don’t know when it is coming due.

Think about this. What if we were also born with a built in Life Gauge that tells you how much time you have left?

It might look like a simple gas gauge with a needle that moves from full to empty. And, what if we could change the expiration date by “filling up our own tank?”

How might we do that? Well, we could do that by how well we live our lives.

Are we taking good care of our physical bodies. Are we living a good life? Are we do the right things for ourselves and others? Are we making the world around us a better place or are we taking from it and not replenishing it?

From a very early age the majority of human beings know the difference between right and wrong.

But, too many of us compromise the way we live at times during our lives. We make excuses for lying, cheating, or being a Fox commentator. “Everyone else does it.” Or, “What’s the use. I’m going to get mine now.” “If you’re not looking out for number one, you’re a sucker!”

Other people give up on themselves. They spend hours each day in front of the TV. Or, they are afraid. They stop living and wait for the tank to empty. They quit learning and loving.

Then there are the folks who almost always have a full tank. You can recognize them by how they walk across the street. It’s almost like there is a cape flowing from their shoulders because their heads are high and they are LIVING.

They are the people who stop to talk and give a few bucks to the homeless guy on the street. They are the woman who organizes an Internet Fund Drive to build water wells in some of the poorest places on the globe. They are the old man who volunteers at the food pantry, the pet shelter and the nursing home. They are kids who build lemonade stands to help sick children they’ll never meet.

They spend their extra time learning new skills to help themselves and others. Eating right and moving is important to them.

Doing the right thing is the most important thing to them.

And, so the needle on their life gauge stays near full.

Now here is the good news! We already have a built-in Life Gauge!

It is your heart! Listen to it and you’ll know if you’re running full of life, getting low, or running on empty. When we were kids we knew this to be true. That’s why it is easy to live such full lives as a kid. That’s why a kid will just blurt out “I love you!” to everyone.

But, over time some hearts harden and are more difficult to hear. It’s not always your fault this happens. People do senseless and sometimes terrible things to kids and to each other. And, that can have the affect of blocking us from what our heart is saying.

But you can get unblocked. It’s starts by looking in the mirror and smiling and telling yourself that you are worthy of love, that you are lovable and that you can love others. And, then you begin with one act of kindness. Make it random if you want. Volunteer at the soup kitchen. Ask the priest or minister of the church down the street if you can do anything to help them out. Call a pet shelter and ask them what kind of pet food you can donate and then go buy as many bags as you can afford and personally deliver them.

Sign-up for a class in something you’ve never tried. Buy a banjo and find a teacher. Tutor for free. Hold a child’s hand.

Stand up to the bullies in the world and not just the ones in the playground. There are plenty of adult bullies masquerading as teachers, politicians, bankers, lawyers, judges, and consultants. Don’t let them get away with making the world worse and sucking some of your life energy away.

Do the right thing!

And, little by little, your Life Gauge will send a stronger and stronger signal.

Eventually it will fall to empty but it won’t be because you haven’t lived. You will have lived a rich and full life. And, you will have left your world – our world – a better place for having been here.

Peace and love to all of you this season of joy and remembrance.

Sometimes You Want To Just Be

It is okay to just be.

Let me explain. It seems like a good many of my friends and colleagues always need to be doing.

Something. Anything.

Their lives and the lives of their significant others and their children are programmed 24×7. Even when they say they are taking time to relax or sit and talk with others they have to have a plan – an agenda. I find no fault with planning. In fact, my significant other, Joann, would most likely accuse me of over-planning. But, I also allow myself to just be.

Here’s what I see that I don’t understand. And, the fact I don’t isn’t a negative as far as I’m concerned. The last thing I’d want to have happen is for me to understand other peoples needs to fill every hour with something that they think needs to be done.

My friends say need and should a lot when I ask them why they just don’t take a moment to do nothing – which is really doing something. I often think that many of them don’t want to be alone with themselves. And, others can’t find it in their minds to give themselves permission. To leave the mind and focus on your heart, soul, or essence – whatever you choose to call it – is both powerful and scary. That’s where the real you is located. You’re not your mind.

I like to listen to music and close my eyes – but not all the way. This morning it was Jeff Beck, Jackson Browne, Chet Baker, Keller Williams, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I find by not closing my eyes all the way I can defocus and look at a light and have my own personal light show. For some reason this lets me meditate and just be. I usually find myself smiling a lot during these times.

When my friends talk about wishing they had more time to do what they want to do I feel badly for them. I know we can’t ALWAYS do what we want. But, we don’t always have to do what we think we should or what we think we need to do either. Recently, I had a friend want me to meet her a few hours away while she was traveling in the area. It sounded like a good idea and I’d enjoy spending time being with her. But, this is a friend who feels the need to fill every moment with doing something that leads to accomplishing something that leads to — well, whatever she thinks it needs to lead to. And, so she felt the need to try and organize meetings and accomplish something. By joining her, I would be joining in her craziness and while maybe it is something she really wants to do – I think it more something she really thinks she should or needs to do.

I have friends who went to southern Spain last year. They programmed every single hour and when they got home they were exhausted in both body and soul. They would have felt and lived more of the soul of the area if they had found a seat in cafe and asked questions and listened.

It always comes back to listening first for me.

And, I’d recommend listening to yourself first too. I’ll give you permission if you need someone to tell you it is okay.

You know. Your real self. Your heart, soul, and essence.

Photo courtesy of mindfulness’ Photostream

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