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Fear of Flying Solo

“Stop the plane at the end of the runway. That last landing was a little hard and I want to check the tire.” With those words my flight instructor jumped out of the 1938 Luscombe 8A taildragger turned around and smiled at me and said, “Make three take-offs and landings. When you’re done pull it up to the pump.” He shut the door and walked away never looking back as he strolled back to the hanger.

If you to fly there comes a day when it is time for you to solo.

My day occurred nearly 34 years ago on November 11, 1976. My thoughts turn back each year to that day when the signs of fall appear with the squirrels around my house going crazy gathering acorns and leaves starting to swirl at  my feet as I walk along the creek.

So what does this have to do with business? Well, today a lot of people are considering or have already started up their own businesses and if my email is any indication – many of them are afraid. I was thinking about fears I’ve faced in my own life and pushing that throttle in and heading down that grass strip runway while knowing I was the only person in the plane could have been an extremely fearful experience for me.

But, I wasn’t afraid.

Oh, I’ll admit to a lot of feelings as I pulled back on the stick and watched the ground disappear. Euphoria and butterflies hit all at the same time – but not fear. I had been practicing for that moment and had put in twenty-hours of flight time with my teacher flying in all kinds of conditions, practicing stalls, emergency landings, and anything else I might face when I flew solo.

Running your own business is a lot of hard work and it is easy to get discouraged. You can start focusing on failure when things aren’t going according to your business plan. You might begin to think that you’ll never succeed – that it will never get off the ground.

But, you’ve been practicing to do this all your life.

Are you ready to solo? Are you ready to stop being afraid?

There is only one way to find out and that’s to do it. Activity is critical for you. Analytical processing, asking others for advice, planning, reading books, and studying the masters have their place but even more important is the doing.

You are ready.
Believe it.
Start doing.
No more fear.


This post was going to be about something awesome. But, then something more awesome just happened and I can't wait to tell you.

For the last 3 weeks, I have been privy (interesting word-privy) to a top secret project that my friend Megan Elizabeth Morris and Naomi Dunford were cooking up. It was a huge undertaking and when Megan told me what all it contained and that they were going to create it in 3 weeks, I thought "Oh no." Then I quickly remembered who we're talking about.

Between the two of them, Megan and Naomi could write a novel while giving birth and building lifetime relationships with the hospital staff at the same time. And, they'd manage to work in a party too!

And, you know what? They pulled it off. Of course. But, not just in your average pull-it-off kind of stuff. They created something extraordinary. I told them if it had existed when I was 22 years old it would have saved me tons of money, lots of mistakes, sleepless nights and changed my life. Are you getting the picture here?

If you're in business for yourself, want to be, want to get out of the rat race and are looking for help read this now.

And, if you don't see yourself in that description above – read it anyway. It will still give you goosebumps.

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