Taking a Hatchet to Malcolm Gladwell

There are some things you should never read before going to sleep. On my list are newspapers, history books, and anything with Dummies in the title. Last night I opened up my latest copy of The Nation with the idea of reading some essays and editorials. And, then I made a mistake and violated my rule about Dummies.

I turned to the Books & the Arts section where I found an article entitled Gladwell for Dummies by Maureen Tkacik complete with a smiling photo of Malcolm Gladwell. Dummies in the title was a warning as I assumed Ms. Tkacik was not being complimentary in her choice of titles for what turned out to be a hatchet job on Mr. Gladwell.

Eight thousand words later I think I can sum up the Ms. Tkacik's feelings with fewer words. Here is what I got from her screed.

  1. I really dislike Malcolm Gladwell's books and writing.
  2. I really dislike Malcolm Gladwell.
  3. I really dislike that he has sold millions of books.
  4. I really dislike that I never will even come close to his level of success.
  5. I am a jealous and petty wannabee.

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