Tea, Trust, and Truth

How's your patience these days?

How are your listening skills?

Or course, they go together. You have to know what questions to ask. You have to be patient and wait for the answer. And, you have to listen with not only your head but also with you heart.

You need to talk with your customers and employees and really, really listen right now. Because they have ideas for you that can help you prosper today and soar in the future. If you haven't been listening to them all along they may not believe you really want to know the truth.

Truth and trust. The two T's. Add one more T to the mix and you have the makings of a meeting where trust is built and the truth will be put on display. That "T" is tea. Forget the coffee. Tea invokes calmness, friendship and trust.

Once you build the trust ask them for their ideas for your company. Ask them what they would like to see different. And, ask them what they'd do differently if they ran the company.

The best ideas I've gotten in business and in life have come from asking questions and listening.

I've put these thoughts and ideas down in a new book. It is entitled Listen First – Sell Later and it will be available next month. You're going to be able to buy one and when you do, I'll send one to anyone you like for free. I'll have more details here later but I'm excited about getting this book in your hands.

Here's someone else who believes in the power of listening. A one-minute interview between Seth Godin and Sir Richard Branson on the cost of listening.

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