Technology Changes, People Don’t

When I started out in sales I didn’t worry about a website. The Internet hadn’t been invented. I relied on my listening and presentation skills, on my personality and knowledge, on my marketing ability and how well I could get a customer to relate to me and trust me. I was able to get clients by being able to listen, to watch their body language, and hear their hesitancy in their tone of voice. Sometimes it would take several calls, many conversations and a lot of contact with someone while I earned their trust. Now I have a partner in that process—the Internet. Only now I don’t have the advantage of the personal touch. A potential client or customer can find my page, scan it for 10 seconds or ten minutes, make a decision about me without ever meeting me and I never get a second chance to make the right impression. If they don’t find what they’re looking for in a few mouse clicks, they’re gone. Many of them make a decision based on the colors, the graphics, or a few paragraphs of copy. If that doesn’t click with them, or if they don’t find exactly what they’re looking for, they click away and they’re gone. I heard someone complaining a few weeks ago about not having the technology to “keep up with the big boys.”

Frustrating isn’t it? And it doesn’t seem fair. Salespeople think, “If they’d just call me, email me, give me a chance, I know I’ve probably got what they’re looking for.” We complain about not having the best website, the coolest toys or best tweets. The fact is, before the Internet our customers, or potential customers, did the same thing with our ads, brochures and fliers. They glanced at them and kept them, or tossed them. They decided on whether or not to call based on the content they saw, or a commercial they watched. Maybe we didn’t have social media, but we had the water cooler. The technology has changed, but people haven’t. Don’t blame your lack of customers or clients on technology. It plays a part in sales, but people are still people. They respond to people—not to the technology.

“Life is not fair; get used to it.” ~Bill Gates

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