Ten Sales & Marketing Ideas to Implement In the First Quarter of 2008

1. If you don’t already know, determine the lifetime value of a client/customer to your company.

2. If you don’t already know, determine how much it costs to get a new client/customer.

3. Now that you do know – make sure you treat all your clients and customers with the value they deserve.

4. Send notes, photos, cards, and letters to your clients thanking them.

5. Create a newsletter for your customers and clients.

6. Offer a Discount for Prepayment Program for a Win-Win Relationship.

7. Start a Frequent Buyer Program.

8. Create a New Unique Selling Proposition (see my newsletter entitled "How to Create a Brand and Outsell Everyone Else!"

Survey your customers to see what you are doing right and what you can
do better. Make it anonymous or you won’t get good data.

10. Make
a note to learn all you can about your top 20 clients. Find out their
hobbies, birthdates, family members names and interests, pets, etc.
And, then communicate with them about all these things. Send birthday
cards, news clippings about their hobbies and interests, notes and
postcards when you are traveling with information you know they will
appreciate. Maybe it’s your review of last night’s meal or bottle of
wine if you know they enjoy fine dining jotted on a postcard, or, try
sending an autograph of their child’s favorite sport star or an
autographed Playbill from a play you know they would enjoy. You get the
idea. If you don’t, please reread and implement ideas number one and

The Poole Consulting Group

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